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Laser Knights/Dudu Radio is an Internet Radio station that aims to provide a serious and credible alternative to traditional terrestrial radio. We broadcast a selection of pre-recorded programs which provides listeners all over the globe with the opportunity to listen to a variety of music genres, including traditional and modern Nigerian and Africa music.

     We also provide a news services that keeps Nigerians living home and abroad and those with an interest in Nigerian affairs, updated with all the current political events that are affecting Nigeria today. (Internet radio) is a broadcasting service transmitted via the Internet. We are an internet radio stations that is completely independent from traditional ("terrestrial") radio stations and we broadcast only on the Internet. Broadcasting on the Internet is usually referred to as webcasting since it is not transmitted broadly through wireless means but is delivered over the World Wide Web.

     Duduradio suggests a streaming media that presents listeners with a continuous stream of audio to which they have full control unlike the traditional broadcast media. Because the radio signal is relayed over the Internet, it is possible to access the Duduradio from anywhere in the world-for example, you can listen to from Europe or America. The main focus of the Internet radio station is the promotion of Nigerian and African culture and language and broadcast programs in both English and traditional Nigerian languages. Internet station also run a unique online Music video and video documentary catalog and in association with over 30 event promoters, we provide our listeners with an opportunity to view pictures from various Nigerian corporate events, music concerts and private parties from around the world.

     At Internet Radio we acknowledge the importance of retaining and promoting the Nigerian and African culture both at home and abroad, and we are fully committed to this cause, and we hope that by offering listeners the chance to learn and be entertained by the culture, we can increase the number of devoted fans and build a full and interactive Nigerian and African community online.


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